Community Ecology: Processes, models,and applications (amazon.co.jpで見る)
Evolutionary Conservation Biology (amazon.co.jpで見る)
Metacommunities: spatial dynamics and ecological communities (amazon.co.jpで見る)

Community Ecology: Processes, models,and applications (2010)
edited by Herman A. Verhoef and Peter J. Morin



Part I Shape and Structure
【1章】The topology of ecological interaction networks: the state of the art [pdf]

PartII Dynamics
【2章】Trophic dynamics of communities [pdf]
【3章】Modelling the dynamics of complex food webs [pdf]
【4章】Community assembly dynamics in space [pdf]

PartIII Space and Time
【5章】Increasing spatio-temporal scales: metacommunity ecology [pdf]
【6章】Spatio-temporal structure in soil communities and ecosystem processes [pdf]

PartIV Applications
【7章】Applications of community ecology approaches in terrestrial ecosystems: local problems, remote causes [pdf]
【8章】Sea changes: structure and functioning of emerging marine communities [pdf]
【9章】Applied (meta)community ecology: diversity and ecosystem services at the intersection of local and regional processes [pdf]
【10章】Community ecology and management of salt marshes [pdf]

PartV Future Directions
【11章】Evolutionary processes in community ecology [pdf]
【12章】Emergence of complex food web structure in community evolution models [pdf]
【13章】Mutualisms and community organization [pdf]
【14章】Emerging frontiers of community ecology [pdf]

Evolutionary Conservation Biology (2004)
edited by R. Ferriere, U. Dieckmann, and D. Couvet



【1章】Introduction [pdf]

A: Theory of Extinction
【2章】From individual Interactions to Population Viability [pdf]
【3章】Age Structure, Mating System, and Population Viability [pdf]
【4章】Spatial Dimensions of Population Viability [pdf]

B: The Pace of Adaptive Responses to Environmental Change
【5章】Responses to Environmental Change: Adaptation or Extinction [pdf]
【6章】Empirical Evidence for Rapid Evolution [pdf]
【7章】Genetic Variability and Life-history Evolution
【8章】Environmental Stress and Quantitative Genetic Variation

C: Genetic and Ecological Bases of Adaptive Responses
【9章】Fixation of New Mutations in Small Populations [pdf]
【10章】Quantitative-Genetic Models and Changing Environments [pdf]
【11章】Adaptive Dynamics and Evolving Biodiversity [pdf]

D: Spatial Structure
【12章】Genetic Structure in Heterogeneous Environments [pdf]
【13章】Conservation Implications of Niche Conservatism and Evolution in Heterogeneous Environments [pdf]
【14章】Adaptive Responses to Landscape Disturbances: Theory [pdf]
【15章】Adaptive Responses to Landscape Disturbances: Empirical Evidence [pdf]

E: Community Structure
【16章】Coevolutionary Dynamics and the Conservation of Mutualisms [pdf]
【17章】Ecosystem Evolution and Conservation [pdf]
【18章】The Congeners as an Agent of Extermination and Rescue of Rare Species

【19章】Epilogue [pdf]

Metacommunities: Spatial Dynamics and Ecological Communities (2005)
edited by Marcel Holyoak, Mathew A. Leibold, and Robert D. Holt



【1章】Metacommunities: A Framework for Large-Scale Community Ecology [pdf]

Part1: Core Concepts
【2章】The Effects of Spatial Processes on Two Species Interactions [pdf]
【3章】Food Web Dynamics in a Metacommunity Context: Modules and Beyond [pdf]

Part2: Empirical Perspectives
【4章】Metacommunities of Butterflies, Their Host Plants, and Their Parasitoids [pdf]
【5章】Inquiline Communities in Pitcheir Plants as a Prototypical Metacommunity [pdf]
【6章】Local and Regional Community Dynamics in Fragmented Landscapes: Insights from a Bryophyte-based Natural Microcosm [pdf]
【7章】Metacommunity Structure Influences the Stability of Local Beetle Communities [pdf]
【8章】Local Interactions and Local Dispersal in a Zooplankton Metacommunity [pdf]
【9章】Assembly of Unequals in the Unequal World of a Rock Pool Metacommunity [pdf]

Part3: Theoretical Perspectives
【10章】The World Is Patchy and Heterogenous! Trade-off and Source-Sink Dynamics in Competitive Metacommunities [pdf]
【11章】Assembly Dynamics in Metacommunities [pdf]
【12章】Scale Transition Theory for Understanding Mechanisms in Metacommunities [pdf]
【13章】Applying Scale Transition Theory to Metacommunities in the Field [pdf]

Part4: Emerging Areas and Perspectives
【14章】Competing Theories for Competitive Metacommunities [pdf]
【15章】Assembling and Depleting Species Richness in Metacommunities: Insights from Ecology, Population Genetics, and Macroevolution [pdf]
【16章】Habitat Selection, Species Interactions, and Processes of Community Assembly in Complex Landscapes: A Metacommunity Perspective [pdf]
【17章】New Perspectives on Local and Regional Diversity: Beyond Saturation [pdf]
【18章】From Metacommunities to Metaecosystems [pdf]
【19章】Adaptive and Coadaptive Dynamics in Metacommunities: Tracking Environmental Change at Different Spatial Scales [pdf]
【20章】Future Directions in Metacommunity Ecology [pdf]


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